Cancelation Policy:  With the current demand of appointments any scheduled appointments  canceled will be required to prepay, in full,  a non refundable payment for the next booked session.  For SECOND SESSIONS & BROW DETAIL SESSIONS, If you cancel your appointment it will be your responsibility to book a follow up no earlier than 4 weeks of first session, and NO LATER than 12 weeks of your canceled appointment.  Unfortunately, S/W Beauty will not book this for you.  Failure to do so within the time frame will forfeit offered pricing. 

Late Policy: Due to the high demand of appointment requests,  it is only fair to each guest that if you are 10 minutes late or cancel your appointment within 72 hours of appointment time scheduled you will forfeit your appointment all together, and possibly not be eligible to reschedule.  

Previous Tattoo Policy: I DO not work over previously tattooed brows unless I have 

received clear images of the guests work, and approve via email contact.  

Inclement Weather Policy:  If Ozark Mo has a future forecast of possible ice/sleet/or snow,  I will close shop the night before the possible severe weather. I will notify each guest the night before to accommodate the guests traveling from afar.   

Booking Second Session Policy: When you book your first session you'll also book your second session with a minimum of four weeks in between. You'll do this by emailing S/W within 48 hours of booking first session. Failure to do so could result in a loss of first session or a second session reserved six months or later. If canceling the second session it will be the guests responsibility to book Second Session online no earlier than 4 weeks and no later than a 12  week timeframe, unless stated differently by S/W.  Failure to comply will result in  being charged at Touch Up Pricing, or Full Session Pricing ($500) for two more sessions. 

Possible Third Session Policy: If guest needs a Third Session during the first year of service, you must  inform  S/W within eight weeks  of the Second Session in order to qualify for any adjustments and the $100 pricing. You must also do this via email only so S/W has a copy of the conversation. Failure to inform through website or email during the allotted time forfeits the Third Session pricing, and guest will be charged Booster Pricing $250. 

Booster Policy: After your first year of services I will not touch needle to the skin for 12 months minimum. This ensures the integrity of the skin is not jeopardized.

Gift Certificate Policy:

All gift certificates are NON REFUNDABLE & NON-TRANSFERABBLE  Gift Certificates expire after 12 months of issue date from S/W.  As of 05/01/2019 Gift Certificates are not available for purchase. 


       No One Under 18 Allowed      

       No Guests Allowed     

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