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•Makeup Purchasing Tip•

Many of you already know that I am very much addicted to the world of cosmetic chemistry . I love listening and reading insight from actively engaged cosmetic chemists. By doing this , with what little free time I do have, I pick up on new products/ cosmetic industry revelations often. There are so many amazing products that many do not know even exist. One site that I personally like to order from , and have for many of years… Many of you may not be familiar with the world of special fx, and the attached makeup products that the film industry can’t function with out. Think … that is designed to with stand the hottest of days, being fully submerged underwater …..being rubbed / tucked/ pulled and still not budging. These are the products you’ll discover. I know several of you do not live here in Missouri with us, but for us here…..we definitely need those humidity proofing products. Check out the link that I shared, and go to the special fx tab. Alcohol activated make up, the setting sprays, the setting powder… I think you’re going to find some really neat products that you may not have known existed. Post your comments below if you decide to check it out!

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