Covid Update

•My Dear S\W Guests •

I would first like to thank you very much for your patience, and for the love you have shown me during the stay at home order. Although in some ways this was a trying time, it was a very humbling experience for myself that I enjoyed. With that said, I’m thrilled to be getting back to a bit of normalcy. With the return of guest reservations, and many of them I may add, it is very important to me that my guests understand how valued their safety is. Those that already know how I operate are very understanding of how hyperaware I am of cleanliness. 

For new guests I have listed the current safety/ sanitation guidelines before you below. Most of these guidelines listed will not be different than what you have already experienced with S/W, but a good recap is in order. 

•Masks are worn by both myself, and the guest. I will provide the mask, but with the scarcity of supplies, if you have one yourself ...please bring it.

•Hospital Grade Germicidal disinfectants are used to disinfect/sanitize EVERYTHING before and after each guest. I’m talking light switches, floors, handles, seats, everything. I will be ruining metal with all the wiping. 

•My normal hugs, and squeezies when you come in will not be able to happen.....this one hurts ... 

•Message upon arrival to be informed when entry is possible

•No food is allowed 

•All tools used during process are disposed.
I wear disposable gloves / mask the entire process for you. 

I look forward to seeing you all so soon! 
Also, as a reminder my address has changed! Be sure to email or check website for address if you do not have the updated address

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